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BlackTie Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle, printed publication in Montgomery, AL that was founded by husband and wife duo Christopher and Jasmine Ball with the hopes to bridge the gap within the community and help us all get informed, get inspired, and get involved!


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Summer 2018 Issue: Black Empowerment
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Hey BT fam, can we just take a moment to empower ourselves? Can we take a moment to stand in our God-given worth, embrace the pride of our uniqueness, and give ourselves permission to be unapologetic about it all?

As you may know, part of why Chris and I created BlackTie Magazine is because Black History Month sometimes is not enough to help us feel proud of who we are as a culture and collective. We wanted to create a platform on a local level to keep us  connected and inspired, but the core information was designed with us all in mind. There are many, many unpopular and untold stories surrounding our unique history, and given the fact that much of our history in America was bred from pain, disfunction, and trauma, it’s important that we facilitate conversations surrounding the truth of who we are and how we are processing the reality of events we’ve faced and still face as a culture. It’s healthy. It’s therapeutic... and that’s what we’re doing with this black empowerment issue of BlackTie Magazine.

We have so many reasons to be proud of who we are every single day. Yes, we do have some work to do (and we’ll talk about that too), but we’re also doing some pretty cool and inspiring things like our Millennial Spotlight on page 16 or our black owned business spotlight on page 20. Yes, let’s celebrate our wins, let’s celebrate our history and culture (on page 26), and let’s be empowered to move forward and overcome some of the many obstacles we may face (page 30).

One love.

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"Knowing that there is a black magazine is probably one of the greatest things that I have heard recently. It’s so great to see us lifting each other up. It’s great to let us know that there is more than what the media says about us! So thank you for bringing us this unifying magazine!”

- Syd Hogue -

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