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BlackTie Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle, printed publication in Montgomery, AL that was founded by husband and wife duo Christopher and Jasmine Ball with the hopes to bridge the gap within the community and help us all get informed, get inspired, and get involved!


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Fall 2018 Issue: Let's Talk About It
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The Fall issue has been released! Jam-packed with empowering lifestyle tips, community events, thought-provoking discussions on social issues, and inspirational features like our Community Spotlight on page 16 and our black-owned business spotlight on page 20 and much more. This is one issue you won't want to miss!

Peace and love.

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"Knowing that there is a black magazine is probably one of the greatest things that I have heard recently. It’s so great to see us lifting each other up. It’s great to let us know that there is more than what the media says about us! So thank you for bringing us this unifying magazine!”

- Syd Hogue -

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