This all black women's retreat changed my life!

Attendees feeling rejuvenated after beach meditation on Sapelo Island during the Say Yes! Coastal Retreat. Photo courtesy of Melissa Alexander of  Phyllis Iller Photography.

Attendees feeling rejuvenated after beach meditation on Sapelo Island during the Say Yes! Coastal Retreat. Photo courtesy of Melissa Alexander of Phyllis Iller Photography.

There I was at 27, resting in a white rocking chair on the back porch of a vacation home. I was overlooking the sunrise over a river marsh that stretched miles into the distance as far as the eyes could see. Breaking the silence of the cool morning air were motivational and soothing sounds to my spirit. My audiobook could not compare.

How the heck did I get here? I remember thinking. All of my favorite things: delicious pescatarian meals, home-cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning tea, healing yoga, hammocks, sisterhood, nature trails, and aromatherapy. Oh, and catching a ferry boat to Sapelo Island, and riding a golf cart through the jungle to a secluded beach . Oh, Oh, and practicing mindfulness meditation, empowerment, and encouragement -- it was just magical... perfect... pure rejuvenation.

I slept peacefully after a long adventurous day of hiking, forest bathing, vision boarding, imbibing with sangria, gratitude journaling, and the most delicious bedtime massage. How was all of this goodness packed into one weekend?

The Say Yes! Coastal Women’s Retreat was organized by Brooke Brimm, a Metaphysical Practitioner and Spiritual Guidance Counselor who helps women feel seen, heard, and connected while they rejuvenate, refocus, and realign with their Spirits. I felt every bit of this.

The 2019 Say Yes! Coastal Women’s Retreat drew a small group of 12 African-American women from various age groups, backgrounds, and walks of life who were either in transition with their career, newly engaged, newly empty-nested, or newly retired. All of whom had one intention in common: self care. Women usually carry a unique set of responsibilities that come with the different roles they play as caregivers. They spend much of their time taking care of everyone else and being weighed down. Balancing the nonstop demands of motherhood, being a wife, and managing their careers to name a few.

The Say Yes Retreat was all about helping women let go of the burdens that may be on their shoulders. We let go of the pressures and the weight of the world. We did what is named in Brooke’s signature program, “Release the Unyou and Live as the Real You.™ ”

The accommodations, itinerary, and overall experience of all our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs were taken care of from start to finish. This retreat is a must-do for every woman -- no matter where you are in your journey.

“Great retreat! Brooke is an excellent facilitator. We were able to hone in on who we really are as well as to get to know the other participants. I truly loved all of the activities, especially our finale activity,” said Monica Edwards, a recent attendee.

We arrived as strangers and left as family. It was a beautiful experience through and through. The Say Yes Women's Coastal Retreat was my first experience with Brooke Brimm Retreats. Now, I'm already looking into more events she's set to host in the future like the next retreat to Jamaica in October later this year and the Spiritual trip to Thailand early 2020.

If you’re ready to feel happier, more fulfilled, more empowered, and pampered, then the Say Yes Retreat is for you. Brooke Brimm is a Godsend. Follow her at Brooke Brimm Retreats or visit her website Say yes to yourself, #sayyes2019.

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