Business Spotlight: Karen Richards, Aularale Cosmetics

Karen Richards

Beauty Consultant for Aularale Cosmetics

Karen Richards, Aularale Cosmetics.jpg


Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

Birthplace: Greenville, Alabama

High School: Lomax-Hannon High School

College: Alabama State University

Degrees: Masters in Guidance Counseling and Educational Leadership & Administration


Q: How long have you been a beauty consultant?

A: I’ll be going on my third year.


Q: How’d you get started as an Aularale beauty consultant like?

A: I met the company owners at a conference and they did a makeover on me.


Q: How do you stay at the top of your game and compete with other beauty consultants?

A: I do conferences, conventions and one-on-one presentations. You just have to get out there and make your contacts.


Q: Have you made any mistakes over the years that you’ve learned from or can use to advice other people on a similar path?

A: Never stop talking to people. You talk and present to everyone, male and female.


Q: What do you get out of your career and why did you decide to become a beauty consultant?

A: I love the products. Initially, I just wanted something to occupy my spare time and to make a little extra money. I enjoy meeting people and helping them feel good about themselves.


Q: What other products besides makeup do you carry?

A: We have skin care products and anti-aging products. It’s a full line of glamour and skin care products. Everything from matching nail polishes to lipsticks and blushes. We also have a foot cream and an herbal relief spray [that’s] used to help with aching joints and muscles. We have skin care products for men as well.


Q: Do you use the products yourself? If so, what are some of your favorite products?

A: Yes, I do. I like the anti-wrinkle peptide serum, the skin rejuvenating cream, I love the mask, the moisturizers and the foundations are really good. I wear the powder, the eyeshadow—all of it.


Q: What advice would you give first time makeup users?

A: I would ask them first if they’re having any skin care problems. But the first thing I’d offer them is the skin care products to make sure they’re getting a very good regiment to help clear up minor skin products. The makeup is used to enhance their natural beauty and cover up some natural flaws.


Q: Do you have any special promotions right now?

A: We have a holiday sale. Holiday lotions, stocking stuffers, bath and shower gel, etc.


Q: Do you recruit other beauty consultants?

A: Yes. There’s opportunities for men and women to become cosmetic consultants or to become independent distributors.


Q: What’s next for you?

A: Just keep sailing and keep learning about the business. Every day is an opportunity to learn and meet new people.


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