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In America, there are nearly 12,000 homicides due to gun violence every year. CDC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimates that in over five years, there have been over 200 nonfatal firearm injuries per day.

Gun violence has become a part of living in the color community; among men ranging from 15-34 years of age. So many black American youths have been victims to “black on black” gun violence. While more attention to gun violence is sorely needed, too often existing coverage focuses on “black-on-black” dysfunction rather than structural causes and potential solutions.

A Non-profit Activist group by name “Positive Parents Have Power” emerged in Montgomery with the aim of facilitating a program of restoring the mind and healing the communities in the city of Montgomery. This activist group was created by Torian Hamilton; a woman who gun violence claimed the life of her son. Torian Hamilton has made visits to homes; to help console and empower through talks and prayer, men and women that have lost loved ones to gun violence.

Positive Parents Have Power Inc. also known as PHPP, has gone a long way in organizing events set towards educating everyone on the issue of gun violence and also reaching out as a united black community, to those men and women who have lost their loved ones to gun violence; a program that will partner with each participant to ensure that they will become productive citizens as each one transition from poverty to power.

PPHP goals;

§  To provide support to low-income families and to mothers who have lost a child to gun violence

§  To Empower all participants and assist them in educational classes

§  To Provide participants with monthly seminars and motivational speakers

§  To Assist with special community projects


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