Montgomery’s very own celebrity makeup artist

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Sir John

"Don’t worry about being great, worry about doing great work."

“My most memorable moment in my line of work has to be going on tour with Jazmine Sullivan as her makeup artist and hair stylist. It was such an amazing moment for me because it was my first tour and big gig on my own, so I was very grateful and blessed.”

As a kid, Jayson remembers watching his single mother of two and knew that he had to grow up to be somebody. “And still till this day, I’m trying very hard to be great for her.”

Jayson graduated from Jefferson Davis High School and continued his studies at Virginia College. He also gives a lot of credit to Antowan Fleeton for teaching him the majority of what he knows about makeup and hair.

However, although backed with training and potential, Jayson says his breakthrough moment didn’t come until he learned to get over fear and accept the greatness within.

“I would hold myself back because I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t humble. So I had to breakthrough and still breaking through my own thoughts because these blessings are still coming and I can’t hold myself back.”

Jayson wants to inspire others to know that, “It’s never going to be easy, but if you keep God first in everything you do, nothing is impossible!”

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