EJ the trainer shares pro tips on maintaining a fit lifestyle

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EJ is a Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with certifications from the International Sports Science Association in California. Below are his “Pro tips” for overcoming fitness obstacles.


Pro tip: Don’t Quit, Just Practice. “I started off learning how to train and not quit. I didn’t really like to do push-ups, so I went and got a guy to help me. He used to tease at me and laugh at me, and make me look bad because I couldn’t really do push-ups. But I stuck with it. And it ain’t really that I can’t, I just ain’t like it.”

After a while, EJ got better and sought help from others who were good at pull ups, jump ropes, lifting weights, etc. “Each thing I wanted, I got somebody to help me, so I learned how to do basically everything. So you might say, can you jump rope for 20 mins. Of course I can jump rope for 20 mins and if I can’t I’m going to go practice until I can.”

Pro tip: Know Your Body Type.  “I walk around with 5 to 6% body fat all year round. And what I learned is that a man and a woman’s body is almost the same from the waist down, but the difference is they basically have three different types of bodies: Endomorph (people who gain weight easily), Mesomorph (naturally muscular), and Ectomorph (hard to gain weight). Each body type has to work out differently and they have to eat differently. I can look at someone and tell” and have to tailor the workouts and diet plans for each client.

Pro tip: Keep your mind on the prize. “As a trainer, every day I ask myself, what can I do that no other trainer can do or is willing to do? To reach your fitness goals, it’s all about dedication. At the end of the day, I say, what did I accomplish today? I just stick to plan my day, and strive to work hard every day.”


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