10 Simple Steps to a Healthier You

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Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard work or treated as a tedious task.  By making small changes in your life daily, you can make the transition over to a healthier lifestyle easier.  Before you know it, the small changes would form habits. Below are a few tidbits that will help you get closer to a healthier you.

1.       Start setting goals that help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Write at least three short-term and three long-term goals that relates to becoming to a healthier you.  Setting goals is the first step toward success in any area of your life.

2.       Get motivated by finding a quote, a picture of yourself when you were in your best shape, a bible verse, or anything that is visual that will motivate you to reach your goals.  Place the item somewhere where it is visible such as on your bathroom mirror, in your care, or on refrigerator, etc. You get the picture.  Let this inspire you to keep pressing towards your goals. 

3.       Speak over yourself and encourage yourself.  Through the day speak positive things into your life.  Your words are more powerful than you know.

4.       Start you day by drinking a glass of lemon water every morning and drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.  For instance, if you weigh 140lbs, your goal is to drink at least 70 oz of water each day.  The water will keep you fuller longer.

5.       Cut back on processed foods and snacks.  Eat foods with less sugar in them and replace with whole-grain foods.

6.       Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets. By restocking your refrigerator and cabinets with nutritious foods, you are more likely to stay on track with your goal and eat healthier.  Stock your pantry and refrigerator with fruit, lean proteins, vegetables, and whole-grains.

7.       Reduce portion sizes.  Get familiar with proper portion sizes.

8.       Plan your meals and cook at home.  Fast food restaurants foods are filled with sodium, and high calories.  When you go out to eat, look for lean meats and vegetables on the menu.

9.       Plan your workout ahead of time.  Plan your workouts, add them to your calendar, and treat them like appointments.  DO NOT MISS THEM!

Get moving!  Your goal should be for you to be active for a least 30 minutes every day.  Go walking, take a jog, play tennis, or put on your favorite song and dance until you can’t dance anymore.  It doesn’t matter what activity that you are doing.  Your only goal is to get moving.  It will not only get your blood pumping (which is great for heart), but you will release feel good endorphins too (which is great for the body).  Your body will thank you for it!

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