Montgomery City Leaders Looking To do More to Help Black Owned Businesses

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Minority businesses across Montgomery are looking to take advantage of the city’s economic climate, and the city’s taking steps to help them succeed. That’s why officials started the small minority business initiative led by retired Montgomery County Judge Charles Price. Officials are finding ways to make sure each minority business gets an opportunity to have success.

Christopher and Jasmine Ball are the founders and creators of Black Tie Magazine, a new magazine that highlights black businesses across the city. The couple spent countless hours searching for black owned businesses to promote in an effort to boost their bottom lines.

“Montgomery is number two in the nation for the largest percentage of minority businesses, so I think the city is doing a lot to help, says Jasmine Ball.

“It’s out there for anyone to take advantage of. The incubator, chamber of commerce, all of it is out there”, says Christopher Ball.

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